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Our team provides individual and family therapy services for adults and children, including reunification therapy.  ROAN has a team of therapists that provide an array of services including individual therapy for children, teens, and adults; couples therapy; and family therapy.  Individual and family therapy services to support youth and parents, including those separated because of child welfare involvement or custody arrangements.  Services are tailored to meet your specific needs and may include processing feelings related to trauma history and/or separation, development of healthier connections or improved communication and problem-solving skills.

Services can be delivered in office (Aurora, Crystal Lake, or Elgin) or virtually.  

Therapy/Counseling Services

Individual Therapy

Work 1:1 with a therapist to address presenting concerns, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and develop skills needed to reach your goals.  Children, adolescents, and adult services available.

Couples or Family Therapy

Conflict in your relationship?  Struggling with your marriage after adding children into your household?  Perhaps your family needs support following diagnosis or other adjustments, including foster/adopt process. Meet with a therapist for couples or family therapy to explore needs and communication styles,   improve your  conflict resolution, and increase relationship satisfaction.   

Reunification Therapy

Are you separated from your child?  Are you interested in reconnecting after a period of separation, or need support after high-conflict divorce or child welfare involvement?  Connect with a therapist to begin the process of repairing your parent-child relationship. 

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