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Hello!  I'm Alegra!

Hi, I’m Alegra!  I am Therapist here at ROAN.  I started at ROAN in September of 2022 as a Clinical Intern.  I earned my Master of Social Work from Aurora University in May of 2023 and am currently working towards earning my LCSW.  In my free time, I like to watch movies; spend time outside; and hang out with my two children.

Since I’ve started my therapeutic journey, I have developed a strong desire to learn more about infant brain development, attachment, and the roles parents play in addition to utilizing mindfulness practices with adolescents.  I have experience in using Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Talk Therapy.

My approach to therapy is driven by a desire we all have; our desire to talk, to be heard, and to be understood.  I want my clients to know that when our sessions begin, these are the 3 things that I know need to happen.  In addition to this, my approach is to acknowledge that life is neither black nor white, but gray.  Together, we will approach the gray.  Though my life, and treatment philosophies overlap in many ways.  One that seems to be the most significant is that on someone’s worst day, something that you say could either make or break their day… and I would like to be the reason someone’s day is made.  I believe that humans are more complex than our worst mistake.  I believe we all deserve to get to know ourselves more and more each day; because we are all just works in progress.

I used to think that every silence needed words in it.  I’ve learned to utilize silence as a tool on its own.  Silence is only uncomfortable because we say it is, but sometimes clients just need to know that someone is listening to understand where they’re coming from and not just to respond.

My favorite part of being at ROAN is the work environment.  We all welcome one another as we are and value each other.  I have really appreciated the collaboration and support I have and continue to receive.  I became a therapist because I have always enjoyed listening and offering advice to friends regardless of the matter.  The thing I love most about being a mental health professional is hearing clients say, “Yes! That is how I feel!”  This not only reassures the client that they are being heard, but it also helps me know that we are on the right track, and we can keep progressing in the clients’ therapeutic journey.

Fun Fact: I also went to school for Human Animal Sciences.  Eventually, I would like to incorporate animal therapy into my work with individuals.


Phone: (815) 522-1719 ext. 110

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