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Hello!  I'm Marissa.

Hi, I’m Marissa!  I am ROAN’s Clinical Team Leader, as well as a Therapist.  I’ve been at ROAN since 2020 and have been in the social work field since 2017, but I’ve been working with children and families since 2013.  I earned my Master of Social Work from Aurora University and am currently working towards earning my LCSW. 

I specialize in addressing challenges within the family system, such as parent divorce or separation, child welfare/court involvement, abuse, domestic violence, and conflict.  I also have experience working with children experiencing behavioral and emotional challenges, as well as adults experiencing depression, anxiety, and past trauma.  A majority of those whom I treated have experienced one or more of the following: anxiety, depression, anger, bipolar disorder, or other mental/emotional challenges.  I believe that the building of trust, honesty, and understanding is vital to the therapeutic relationship.  Whether this happens quickly or slowly, it will strengthen the mutual goal of helping the individual overcome their challenges.

I commonly apply a person-centered approach to allow the individual to take charge in the healing process.  I utilize concepts from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Informed Care, Mindfulness, Self-Care, Systems Theory, Attachment Theory, Play Therapy, and Art Therapy.  I ensure to customize the approaches to the specific needs of the person to foster their individuality.  I have a strong belief that there is a higher power guiding me and in which I can put my hope.  While I view this power as God, I respect that everyone may believe something different.

My life philosophy is that we all struggle in life sometimes and need a helping hand.  There should be no judgment but celebration when a person realizes they need or want help.  As a therapist, I am here to celebrate your strength and offer help in your areas of need, realizing that I too need help as I continue to grow and change.  People are strong.  They have much more strength and ability than they often realize.  While working with individuals and families, one recurring theme I often observe is that people have already put much effort into changing their situation before coming to me.  Whether they regard their previous efforts as impactful or fruitless, what they have already done is a significant part of their journey and shows their strength.  I as a therapist am only a part of the amazing effort they put towards their self-discovery.

My favorite part of being at ROAN is having the opportunity to work with children, adults, and families alongside a team who share the same passion to help and empower others.  I became a social worker so I could work alongside those who face adverse challenges and try to overcome them.  They are an inspiring group that creates lasting change in our society.  I love to witness when an individual or group becomes empowered to change their situation for the better.

Fun Fact: I am a wife, mother, daughter, and friend.  I’m also a cat mom; I have two cats named Lola and Niles!  In my free time, I enjoy reading a good mystery; baking; and going hiking.


Phone: (815) 522-1719 ext. 103

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