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Our Services

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Safe, supervised transition of children between parents or guardians for parenting time; typically occur on Fridays and Sundays but may also occur mid-week, in accordance with parent agreements.  These exchanges occur at the Family Visitation & Resource Home in Crystal Lake. 

Quality Time

Can occur at the Family Visitation & Resource Home or other locations as determined by court order or mediated agreement.  Supervised visits offer an opportunity for families to connect in a safe, comfortable, and monitored environment.  This service is designed to support families separated due to child welfare or court involvement; and provides parents a chance to access and connect with children while ensuring children are protected.  

Child Psycholgist

Individual & Family Therapy 

Our team provides individual and family therapy services for adults and children, including reunification therapy.  Services can be provided in-person or through secure video/telehealth.

Our team also offers workshops

Distanced Couple

Are you a parent going through a separation or divorce?  Divorcing or separating parents may use their children to manipulate and/or control each other around a variety of personal, social, and  financial issues and increase the stress or anxiety experienced by involved children.  Our programs aim to improve communication and skills to benefit children.

My First Book

Are you unsure on how to handle sibling conflict?  Do you need guidance on how to discipline without yelling?  Or perhaps you need help in understanding your child's diagnosis or development? 


Parent Coaching is a short-term intervention that assists biological, foster, and adoptive parents develop positive, practical strategies to feel more confident in their parenting decisions.  Parent Coaching goals and services are uniquely designed for each family, based on your skills, strengths, preferences, and goals.  We offer a safe place to help you make and stick to your parenting goals. 


Friendly Conversation

Parenting Capacity Assessments

Parenting Capacity Assessments are requested by the court or agency and involve several components such as interviews with parent(s), children, and involved parties; review of records; and observations of parent-child interactions.  The goal is to evaluate the long-term parenting capacity of an individual; and put forth related recommendations.

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