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Hi!  I'm Zehra!

Hi, I’m Zehra!  I am a dedicated therapist at ROAN, with a Master's in Counseling/Therapy from Central Connecticut State University. Currently pursuing my LPC license, I bring 15 years of expertise in advising and counseling diverse populations, including college students, adults, and international students. My extensive background, both living abroad and working in the US, enhances my ability to connect with clients.

I am passionate about guiding individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. I employ a collaborative and compassionate counseling approach. With a non-judgmental and empathetic perspective, I strive to foster healing, strength, and peace.

Outside of my professional life, I am a married parent of three – two teens and a baby. During my free time, I indulge in reading, yoga, travel, and immersing myself in nature.  Let's embark on this journey of growth together.


Phone: (815) 522-1719 ext. 104

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