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Hello!  I'm Ashly!

Hi, I’m Ashly!  I am one of ROAN’s Visitation Specialists.  I started at ROAN in August of 2022 as a Bachelor's-level intern, officially joining the team in April of 2023.  I earned my Bachelor of Social Work from Aurora University and am currently in AU’s Master of Social Work program.  I chose to work in this field because I am passionate about working with a diverse group of people.  Most of my experience involves working with children and I hope my experience continues to expand in this area.  I aspire to create a safe and stimulating environment for everyone, especially children.

My favorite part of being at ROAN is working in such an accessible environment.  I love being able to help children and families, making the smallest difference that may snowball into larger ones.  Since working at ROAN, I’ve realized that ensuring trust and encouraging a safe environment is crucial for families.  With resources and support, families can feel encouraged and empowered to help their children.  I feel as though the most important aspects of the helping relationship are honesty, trust, and respect.  I believe that creating meaningful connections and building rapport with others is the first step to helping others both at work and in life in general.

Fun Fact: Winter is my favorite season!  In my free time, I like to read, puzzle, bake, and spend time with my family.


Phone: (815) 522-1719 ext. 114

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