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Hi!  I'm Sandi!

Hi, I’m Sandi!  I am one of ROAN’s Visitation and Parent Support Specialists.  I’ve been at ROAN since 2021 but have worked with children and families since 2009.  After growing up being subjected to all forms of abuse and working as a career childcare provider, this move was a no brainer.  Before joining the ROAN team, I had just started public speaking about past traumas.  It has been a lifetime goal to help children have a better future and overcome their childhood experiences.  In addition to a background of public speaking, I also have experience in working with special needs children.

My favorite part of being at ROAN is having the change to help families grow and reunite during difficult times in their lives.  I find that bringing families together and teaching parents new skills is extremely rewarding.  I consistently begin with nurturing children and families as they come into our facility.  This includes warm greetings and a willingness to listen to what brought them here when offered.  I always offer a positive and energetic attitude when bringing children in to offer comfort and possible feelings of excitement in an unfamiliar place.

I believe that patience and consistency are the most crucial key components of a helping relationship.  Kindness goes a long way.  I am a firm believer that we never know what someone else’s story is and therefore use kindness to offer a helping hand at any given moment.  With a great deal of understanding what a child may be going through, I have learned to adopt a true sense of empathy for children and families in tough situations.  It has been my life’s mission to ensure I make this transition and family reconciliation as smooth as possible no matter the outcome.

Fun Facts: I have been in childcare for over a decade.  Once upon a time, I was a cadet at a fire department.  My family loves doing animal rescue.  In my free time, I put a lot of effort into my crochet/craft business and fitness.


Phone: (815) 522-1719 ext. 105

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