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Supervised Visitation

Can occur at the Family Visitation & Resource Home or other locations as determined by court order or mediated agreement.  Supervised visits offer an opportunity for families to connect in a safe, comfortable, and monitored environment.  This service is designed to support families separated due to high-risk or high-conflict situations in child welfare or court; and provides parents a chance to access and connect with children while ensuring children are protecting from potentially dangerous situations.

Monitored Exchanges

Safe, supervised transition of children between parents or guardians for parenting time; typically occur on Fridays and Sundays but may also occur mid-week, in accordance with parent agreements.  These exchanges occur at the Family Visitation & Resource Home in Crystal Lake. 

Therapeutic Visitation

With the support of a trained mental health professional, these visits offer more direct intervention and guidance to facilitate positive interactions and teach appropriate parenting skills.  High-conflict families with extensive history of domestic violence, physical or verbal abuse, or situations of parental alienation, may be appropriate for therapeutic visitation.

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