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Mother and a Child
Parent Coaching


Parent Coaching offers support and skill-building to biological, foster, and adoptive caregivers in their parenting journey.  Individualized treatment will build on your strengths and provide guidance, tools, and strategies to address some of your most significant parenting challenges.  Services can occur in the home, community, or online.  

Therapeutic Visitation 


Therapeutic visitation services are designed to help parents who cannot have unsupervised access to their children due to a history of child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, or mental illness.  With this service, a trained professional will help a family work through a variety of situations, with a goal of improving the parent-child relationship.

Family Therapy & Reunification Support


Individual and family therapy services to support youth and parents, including those separated as a result of child welfare involvement or custody arrangements.  Services are tailored to meet your specific needs and may include processing feelings related to separation, development of healthier connections or improved communication and problem-solving skills.  

Family Dispute
Co-Parenting Support


​Are you recently separated/divorced and looking for guidance on how to successfully co-parent with your ex?  Or perhaps you have been separated for awhile, but need direction on navigating current difficulties.  We offer support and mediation for you and your family, to ensure both parents work together for the benefit of your children.

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