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Summer Fun!

Summer is officially here, whether or not we were prepared for it. It’s starting to get hot and humid outside. Your kid or kids are home from school, but you can’t quite figure out how to entertain them and keep them busy. Here’s some ideas for you - for inside in the air conditioning, as well as outside in the heat!

If You Don’t Mind the Heat, Go Outside!

Look for a local splash pad!

This would be a lot of fun if you’re comfortable being around others. Not only are splash pads free, but they’ll keep your kid(s) cool in the sun.

Have a water balloon fight in your yard, or bust out the sprinkler.

This will help you and your kid(s) stay cool, and I’d bet you’ll be ready for a nap once you go back inside.

Try looking for events in your community

Events such as farmers markets are free to get into. There’s plenty of other events that are either free or cheap. The website Visit McHenry County has a great list of events online.

Plan a scavenger hunt!

This will get their minds thinking, and they’ll also be having fun. For parents looking to get in some steps, this can be a perfect way to get yourself outside as well! Find some printable options here!

If You Do Mind the Heat, You Can Still Have Fun Inside!

Get the gears in their minds running

Try finding a fun puzzle that’s age appropriate, and that they’ll be interested in. You’ll likely be able to find a puzzle that represents their favorite show, or maybe their favorite animal! It’s important to get young minds thinking, especially while they’re not in school.

My personal favorite... make a fort!

Grab some pillows and blankets, bring some chairs into the living room, and make a fort in front of the T.V! When it’s all done, you can all watch a movie and eat some popcorn together.


Check out your neighborhood library. There are so many great books to keep you and your kiddos entertained! In addition to just reading, you can be creative and have kids act out stories, help your kids create alternate endings to those stories, etc.

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